At home with the kids? Here are some fun activities to do with kids at home

Here are some fun activities to do with kids at home

With lots of people around the world needing to stay at home, it’s especially hard for kids to stay inside. They can’t go to school, sports, out on play dates or meet up with their friends. But not being able to go outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in your home. Here are a bunch of fun activities you can do with your kids at home to stop them from saying ‘I’m bored’

1.Make your house a Gymnasium
Kids love to jump around but that can be limited while being at home. So a great idea is to make a home gymnasium for your kids (and a great way to save your couch!). Clear up some space and lay a yoga mat down. Teach your kid some cool moves like a forward roll, cartwheel and even a handstand. This way your kids will stay active and healthy (will even get you up and moving!).

2. Master chef junior
All kids love to help out in the kitchen and with the extra time at home, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn some new dishes with your kids. Teach them different cuisines from around the world. You could even get them to make a video of how to cook something to share with their friends.  You never know, you might have a budding TV chef in your house! 

3. DIY Laser maze game
You have seen these super cool laser mazes in movies (you know the ones, where they’re trying to steal the largest diamond in the world!). How cool would it be to try to pass one of those in real life! To give yourself and your kids a good time at home, all you have to do is buy some crepe paper and masking tape. Then it is up to you and your creativity. Make fun mazes and watch as your kids try to get out of them without tearing the paper.

4. Plant a Garden
Kids love getting their hands dirty and what better way than with planting seeds. It provides all kinds of learning opportunities for children and responsibility about caring for their plant every day. A great trick that I’ve learnt is that I like to plant a few seeds in each container, in case one (or two) don’t make it. Also, the fastest growing seeds (some within 2 days) are sweet alyssum, celosia, cornflower or bachelor button, marigold, cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers, morning glories and nasturtiums.

 These are some of the fun activities you can do while staying at home with your kids. Stay safe and have fun!


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