Host a Fall Party with a Sweet Treat

Posted on November 01 2015

Host a Fall Party with a Sweet Treat

S’more Party

Host a fun buffet with everyone’s favorite fall treat: S’mores!

What you need: Seating, Fire pit + Wood, Roasting Forks or Sticks, Plates and Napkins, Ingredients for S’mores

Use a small table and set up a buffet of different S’more ingredients and go to town! Try different candy bars, different types of marshmallows. These candies are easy to find at your local grocery store: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, Kit Kat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Andes Chocolate Mints. There are large square marshmallows made specifically for ideal s’more creation, or you could try a flavored version like coconut crusted!

Check out what different graham crackers are sold at your store, Cinnamon and Chocolate graham crackers are good options, but think outside the box and try something different like a vanilla wafer or other crisp cookie!

For a non-traditional take, add some fruit into your s’mores! Berries are easy to pop right on top as you build the s’more and make for an extra decadent treat.

If you do not have a fire pit, try using a charcoal grill. If you want to take the party indoors, bake the s’mores in bulk in the oven or use a small Sterno cans. Place them in a container to make moving them around easier. A terracotta pot is a good choice, or make a long container filled with stones and multiple Sterno cans for a larger party. Make sure to be safe with whatever you are using to heat your s’mores.

Enjoy your gooey treats over conversation in front of the fire or watch a scary movie if you are indoors. 

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