4 Useful Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve


Posted on January 27 2016

4 Useful Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

More Water!
Instead of thinking about a diet that cuts things out of your life, try an addition that can help you in many ways. Drink an additional 2-3 glasses each day to improve your overall health and body function! Try out a fun mobile app like HydroCoach for reminders and tracking.

Learn or Perfect Your Signature Recipe
"Learning to Cook" is vague and overwhelming when you're starting out. Try picking one recipe to learn well and always have on hand. It's a great opportunity to start developing your skills for something you'll need every day in the future, you'll be glad you did!

Read a Book each Month (or one more!)
Get away from the screens and world for a little while each day. Reading is a great way to self-improve even if you're just taking time for a guilty pleasure read. Reading a book at night before bed is also a better way to fall asleep faster instead of hurting your eyes with a glaring phone screen-which are scientifically proven to mess up your sleep patterns!

Do A Good Deed
Making a difference in someone else's life will definitely make a positive impact on your own. Anything from a genuine compliment to volunteering at shelter with your friends will go a long way. Get a head start on spring cleaning and go through your old clothes and toys for things you can donate, get your whole family involved and drop your items off at your local donation center. 

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