Teen Holiday Gift Guide

Melissa Z

Posted on November 07 2019

Teen Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Girls

With the Holiday season fast approaching, we thought we would chat with our Amabassadors and ask them what is on their wishlist for this Holiday season.  We all know, buying for tweens is one of the hardest age groups to buy for!  Too young to play with toys and not old enough to buy a bread-maker 😊!!!  So, what would be the right gift? Hopefully our Holiday Gift guide will provide you with some awesome gift ideas that will ‘wow’ any teen girl:


  1. Fuzzy Fleece Onesies (from Candy Pink of course!)
    Candy Pink Girls Plush Fleece Pajama Onesie
  2. Apple Air Pods
    Apple Air Pods
  3. Hydro Water Flask
    Hydro Water Flask
  4. Scrunchies
    Velvet Scrunchies
  5. VSCO Girl Stickers for laptop/water bottle
    VSCO Girls Stickers
  6. Metal Straws
    Rainbow Metal Straw
  7. Vans checkerboard
    Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons
  8. Girls Pajama Robe
    Candy Pink Girls Pajama Fleece Plush Robe
  9. Kånken backpack
    Kanken Backpack
  10. Caboodle Make-Up case (we want one of these!!)
    Caboodle Make-up case

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