Get Motivated, Stay Motivated!

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated!


With our current health crisis, it's very easy to get caught up with all the news.  It's good to stay up to date, but it's also not healthy to get too fixated on the news.  You need to look after YOU.  Here are a few Mindfulness tips to keep you going:

Be Your Own Strategist
Use your morning to plan your day so you can stay on track. Organize your thoughts while you’re getting ready. Glance over your calendar to refresh your mind on what’s going on for the day.

Top Up!
Make sure to keep all your personal tanks full so you can stay on track all day and throughout the week. Make sure to eat breakfast or have a few snacks in your bag for when you feel a bit drained and need an energy boost. Track when you should be sleeping to get the optimal number of hours ( Plan “me time” into your schedule where you can get away from school, work, etc. and just unwind.

Journal Your Gratitude
Keep a record to remind yourself of the good in your life, and what you’re thankful for each day. Use an old school notebook and pen or try one of many journaling apps for your smartphone.

Keep your Playlist in Check
Music has power the power to affect our moods. Make a playlist to power through your classwork or try soothing tracks and white noise to wind down before going to bed.

Forgive, Move On, and End Well
Everyone is in the same boat with you. If you sink someone else's boat, you sink yourself, too. Release any negativity from your day, forgive those around you, but also yourself. We’re all imperfectly perfect beings. End your day well, proud that you’ve finished the day and are ready for the next. 

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