Sleep during ‘iso life’?

Melissa Z

Posted on May 14 2020

Sleep during ‘iso life’?

Sleep for our kids is at an all time low in our modern world, especially during quarantine

The importance of sleep plays a significant role in all lives but even more so for our kids.  Children are expected to be alert and energized for a full day’s activity.  The landscape has drastically changed during COVID-19 and the expectations on kids to be alert for online learning (and all the other activities that have switched to online) is even more important.

Sleep deprivation can cause kids to lose concentration which in turn could turn into poor grades, misbehavior and general low self-esteem.  According to the National Sleep Foundation the recommended hours that school age kids should get every night is between 9-11 hours.

What is the key to getting your kids to sleep better?

  1. Switch off all technology and TV 1 hour before bedtime
  2. Have a nice, warm or shower (enhance with lavender oil to stimulate the senses)
  3. Dim lighting in bedroom
  4. Most kids will toss and turn in bed during the night. Covers could come off during the night so make sure that the kids are in the appropriate pajamas to ensure they are not too warm or cold. 

Melissa Zemanek, Designer at Candy Pink, said “As a parent myself, bedtime was always a battle.  Our mission with Candy Pink was to make bedtime fun.  We developed a range of PJ’s that kids actually want to go to bed in.  With the kids learning online during COVID-19 they are also loving wearing our PJs all day.  It has even grown into its own hashtag.”

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