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​Interesting Egg Decorating Tips for Easter

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Tired of the same old dip-dyed eggs you starting making when you were a toddler? Try out some new techniques this year with our tips below:

Chalkboard Eggs
Use a simple chalkboard paint on the eggs and then use chalk to create designs or messages on the eggs. You could use this method on hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs. You can find chalkboard paint in many colors in stores these days, so you can find spring colors that are appropriate for the holiday.

Animal Eggs
Create fun little characters out of your eggs by using paper cutouts to attach wings, ears, beaks, eyes, etc. This is a quick way to update a single color dyed egg, or to decorate plain white eggs.

Rocker Eggs
Create funky eggs by applying temporary tattoos to your eggs. You can create eggs in unlimited themes based on what your tattoos are. You could also make trendy eggs by using the popular metallic temporary tattoos that are popular for spring and summer.

Glitter Polka Dot Eggs
Simply boil your eggs as usual, then using glue and fine glitter in your choice of colors, apply small polka dots around the entirety of the egg. This option take just minutes and will add lots of sparkle to your Easter decorations. 

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