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​Simple Babysitting Tips for Teens

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So you've finally scored your first baby-sitting job, congrats! Here are some tips to get you on the right path to grow your business, cha-ching!

Details, Details, Details
Most parents will have a list of emergency contacts, but you might also want to get some extra information for your peace of mind, too! Ask about allergies, medications, and where the family first aid kit is located. You can find some great printable emergency lists on Pinterest to bring with you.

Bring an Activity
Parents will be super impressed when you come over with an old-school activity bag. When you arrive, you can use your "surprise bag" to distract kids from being upset when their parents leave. Don't rely on video games and TV to do your job for you! Another plus, getting kids into a physical activity can help them fall asleep easier when Mom and Dad are gone. Try coloring books, homemade play-doh, and red string for a fun "Laser Beam" obstacle course.

Honesty Policy
Be upfront before you take a job and after the parents come back. Don't be afraid to be honest about your experience or if you're not sure about handling a specific issue, like infants, pets, making dinner, etc. Mom and Dad will appreciate your communication above all else. It's also important for you to report any behavior issues after the night is over so the parents are fully in the loop. You're not being a tattle-tale, you're just helping out your #1 customer-the parents!

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